Yes, You Can Lose Few Pounds in A Week!

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Yes, You Can Lose Weight a Few Pounds in A Week!

How to lose weight fast? This is common question that came from most of people who have weight problem. Actually, there are no safe diet methods that can make you lose weight in just one night. But, if you want to lose weight fast, you can still do it in one week. Here is the method to do that.


First, change your drink with plain water. Coffee, energy drink, light beer or even fresh juice still has some of calories within. By just drink those drink, you will add around 100 calories into your menu. So, by cutting them down and change it with water, you can cut that amount of calories. Plus, water has no calories and carbohydrate which will give you extra weight.

White Grain

White bread, white rice, pasta and such are your main enemy, in your effort to lose weight in just one week. So, avoid them at all. These white grain products are digested really fast. That means you will hungry more often and eat more than you used to allowed. For carbohydrate intake, you can change it with vegetables. Maybe, you think eating whole grain type product is still okay. But, whole grain still has similar properties like white grain. So, using vegetable that rich of fiber, water and vitamin is much better choice.


Cardio Training

Now, after you cut all unnecessary sources of carbs and fats, you need to move your body. Cardio training is good choice. Do it at least 30 minutes a day for a week. Cardio training this long will be able to burn around 200 to 300 calories. If you also can combine it with toning training and endurance training, you will get much better result. But, you also can’t overdo it; otherwise it will break your body.


Yes, sleeping is actually helping you to burn more fats.  According to Esther Blum, a dietician and author of “Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous” book, sleep will boost your metabolism. The main reason is when you are sleeping, your body will use that moment to repair all damaged tissue and cells. This will need lot of energy, and fats are one of substance that can be changed into energy. Therefore, if you work out a lot then you combine it with enough sleeping, you will get better result. In fact, Blum recommends having 30 minutes more sleep time to get the result that you want.


Sex is also great way to burn calories. With sex, you can burn up to 144 calories, if you and your loved one are doing it for around 30 minutes. The best position for woman is woman on top position. It will make you move more and use more muscle. More than that, sex is really pleasuring activity to burn calories.

Basically, losing your weight in just one week is completely possible. You just need to do few methods that mentioned above. If you do it correctly, with discipline and diligently, you will get the weight that you want. And, that’s how to lose weight in a week.

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