How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast for Man and Woman

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How Many Calories to Lose Weight Fast for Man and Woman

Calorie has an important role in your weight. Too much calorie triggers you to suffer from overweight problem. Because of that, you need to learn about how many calories should I eat to lose weight? By learning about the amount of calories you can eat a day it helps your diet program so you can achieve ideal weight based on your schedule.

Calories on Average

The thing you should know before learning about how many calories to lose weight is the amount of average calories first. It is the normal calories for normal weight. The amount of calories depends on your gender. For women, you need to eat foods contain of calories to achieve 2000 calories whereas a man should achieve 2500 calories per day. So, how many calories to lose weight whether for men or women? In specific, women need to have 1500 calories if they want to reduce one pound a week. On the other hand, a man should have 2000 calories to reduce one pound a week. Besides considering about this average level, you also still consider several things. Those are including your age, height, current weight, activity level, and health condition. It is better to consult with your doctor if you want to start to do weight loss program so you can do it safely and in the right way.

Calories Intake Calculator

You don’t need to get confuse to decide who many calories intake to lose weight. Nowadays, most of websites which serve weight loss solution provide you with calories intake calculator. Just complete the form on the online calculator. Those are including your gender, age, weight, height, and type of activity you commonly do. When it is ready, you can click calculate button and in a few seconds you will get specific information about how many calories intake you need to eat to reduce weight loss.


Tips to Maintain Calories Comfortably

The reason why people don’t want to maintain their calories is because they will easily hungry. Here are several tips you can apply to prevent such kind of problem. First, you can eat more foods contain of protein. Eating foods contain of protein can control your appetite as well as burning more calories and you don’t feel hungry. Second, you also need to avoid sugary soft drinks and fruit juices. In fact, it doesn’t help your diet at all and even it becomes one of the causes of obesity. Drinking such kind of water is similar to consume liquid calories. Instead of drinking those unhealthy products, it is better for you to drink fresh water. Water helps you to burn calories faster. Let say, drinking 2 liter water a day helps you to reduce up to 96 calories. Third, don’t forget to do weight lift workout. You can start to do pushup, squat, sit up, and many more. You may also swimming, running, walking, or hiking because it helps you to reduce calories in your body.

What you have to do now is calculating your calorie intake first. Then, you can start to do the tips above to reduce and get your ideal weight right away. It might be a good solution of how to lose weight fast for men or women.   

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