How to Lose Weight in a Week? It’s Not Difficult

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How to Lose Weight in a Week? It’s Not Difficult

How to lose weight in a week can be conducted easily. The ways are applying well as long as you do it seriously. Having overweight certainly gives negative effects to you. It makes you unconfident and unhealthy because you get diseases easily. One of the ways to handle it is running a diet program. The weight loss program often faces failure for some people. You need to be consistent and have a strong commitment. If you want to run a diet program shortly, you can implement several following ways.


Reducing the Consumption of Carbohydrate and Sugar

If you frequently consume much rice and sweet foods containing more sugar, it is time to reduce the consumption of those substances. Why could it be? It is caused that those increase your insulin hormone. Though the hormone has a function to stabilize sugar level in the blood, but this hormone is able to accumulate fat in the body. So, if you often receive the assumption of carbohydrate and sugar, fat will get buried up. In addition, the decrease of carbohydrate and sugar consumption gets away from the risks of kidney problems. With this way, generally it is effectively losing your weight up to 5 kilogram in a week.

Consuming Vegetables, Protein, and Healthy Fat

What else the way on how to lose weight in a week? You can consume some kinds of vegetables, protein and healthy assumption sufficiently. Protein is required by human body about 20 – 50 gram protein per a day. This is making body metabolism run smoothly and helping a burning process of fats. You can get protein from plenty of foods like white egg, shrimp, chicken, meat, and many more. The consumption of more vegetables is a way to slim your body in a week. This is able to reduce weight up to 10 kg in a week. Please, consume some kinds of vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach. Then, don’t forget to consume healthy fats. The healthy fats present some great benefits for body health. One of the ways is decreasing body weight. So, consume them equally every day. Forget all unhealthy foods like junk food, fried foods, and fatty foods. Those will boost your weight quickly.

Increasing Your Exercise Portion

If you have a routine exercise schedule, it’s time to add a portion and time for doing exercises. You should practice it regularly to lose weight in a week. For those having no routine schedule, please go to the gym center. Try to use elliptical trainer for 40 minutes within 5 days. This is helping you to reduce weight in a week. The exercise is able to maintain your body endurance and fitness.

Reducing the Portion of Meal

Of course, it’s getting so difficult to reduce the portion of meal for some people. You can try to set aside of half portion of meal when you eat. Stay to hold a commitment to eat meal in smaller portion. This way makes you saturated longer. Those are some strategies on how to lose weight in a week to do.

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