How to Lose Water Weight Effectively to Gain Ideal Weight Right Away

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How to Lose Water Weight Effectively to Gain Ideal Weight Right Away

Reducing weight is not only about burning fat but also about losing water weight. So, how to lose water weight and what water weight is? You should get the understanding of this term first before starting your weight lose program.

The Overview of Water Weight

Our body consists of several elements and one of them is water. It is stated that human body consists of 60% of water. The problem is that sometimes your body produce or has too many water. The excess water can increase your weight and it is a problem for you who have overweight problem. The excess water in your body is known as water weight. This is also the reason why you also have to lose water weight while burn fat in your body. In medical term, the excess water is known as edema. Actually, it doesn’t give any serious health impact but edema triggers chronic inflammation problem.


Workout Regularly

Now you know that excess water has to be removed from your body and it has important role in your weight loss program. Now, let’s learn about how to lose weight in a week by losing water weight effectively and safely. The first thing to do to lose water weight is doing workout. The idea is that when you take workout, your body will produce sweat. The sweat is the excess water which removed from your body. You are suggested to do exercise around 1 hour and it reduces water weight around 0.5 liters up to 2 liters.

Go to Sauna

Doing workout is not the only way to reduce water weight. If it is possible for you to do workout because of your condition, you can take simpler way. Just go to the sauna. It will be better if they are combined. It means you do your regular workout first and then you can go to the sauna. Both of them are useful to increase sweat and it means you can reduce more water in your body.


It seems that sleeping doesn’t any relationship with the level of water in your body, right? But, based on the research, sleeping well can control the water level in your body. It works by giving effect on your kidney to balance water and sodium level. For maximal result, you may sleep around 7 hours up to 9 hours. The most important thing, it has to be high sleeping quality or sleeping tightly.

Reduce Stress Tension

It is a must to maintain your stress tension. In fact, stress produces hormone cortisol which triggers more liquid in your body. When you are in stress condition, your body will ask ADH to send specific signal to the kidney about the water level which need to be pumped back to your body.   

Actually, if you ask about how to lose weight fast especially water weight, the answer is not as complicated as you can imagine. The list above helps you to solve your overweight problem. Hopefully, by losing water weight in your body you can get your ideal weight back without any specific side effects. Just remember that achieving healthy ideal weight is important and it can be achieved by doing healthy diet program.

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