How To Lose Weight In Your Face and Shape it ?

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How To Lose Weight In Your Face and Shape it ?

Having a thin face is a dream for most women who face chubby and men and they often think about how to lose weight in your face. Therefore, to cover the face of this chubby, women often perform certain techniques when doing some make-up called contouring that serves to shape the cheekbones, shrink the area of the forehead and impose the jaw. Thus, for most people the fat on the cheeks is very disturbing.

The Cause of Fat Congeries On The Face

Now someone who has a chubby face will always perceive himself as a fat person. But it is wrong thinking. In fact, a person who has increased and decreased most of their weight does not occur the process of reduction of fat cells called adipocytes. At the time the  fluctuating body mass, will shrink and enlarge the fat cells. In addition the facial bone structure factor and the size of the salivary glands can affect the shape of the face. Then, intake of foods such as sugar, salt and alcohol can cause water retention on the face that causes the face look fatter.

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Natural Ways to Reduce Fat on The Face

  1. Sullen, does sound strange but this face pattern can help you to reduce the fat on the face. But remember, do not  too much in sullen, because this is one of the facial expression that is considered negative and do not forget to always smile.

  2. Massaging the jaw, this way is believed to remove fat in the area of the cheeks and chin. But when doing the massage we can not do that carelessly. For those who want to try this way, it is very easy to practice by starting the massage from the top right in the middle of the forehead and then down toward the chin and back up toward the cheek.

  3. Facial, this method is especially preferred for women because of facial is capable of cleaning the dirt on the face skin cells, also help to eliminate fat in the face gradually.

  4. Mineral water, mineral water consumption is one of the easiest and cheapest ways because by drinking mineral water regularly with the recommendation that is  eight glasses per day will dissolve fat cells in the body and face.

Medical Ways to Remove Fat on The Face

  1. Liposuction, a commonly used method of injecting fluid into the face area while sucking fat cells. Side effects of this way are discomfort, sore, swelling and scarring. So usually there will be an additional procedures such as face-lift to remove the scars.

  2. Labiaplasty, otherwise known as ultrasonic-assisted lipoplasty (UAL) uses high-frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. This method is safer because the destruction of fat cells will reduce the risk of damage to the blood vessels.

  3. Buccal Fat Removal, this method is performed with a small surgical procedure that is with a small incision in the mouth to remove fat tissue. This method seems practical but very dangerous because it allows the occurrence of facial nerve damage, facial nerve paralysis and hematoma or blood clotting.

  4. Botox, is the most commonly used method of injecting botox substances in the masseter muscle along the cheek down to the lower jaw. Side effects of this way are the difficulty of chewing and someone undergoing this procedure should limit eating to the botox not to disappear quickly.

So an in-depth discussion of the various ways that can be done to solve such problems like  how to lose weight in your face

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