How To Lose Weight Fast ? Without Torturing Yourself

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How To Lose Weight Fast ? Without Torturing Yourself

Having an ideal and beautiful body is the dream of all who grow up. So how to lose weight fast  in this day and century. Nowadays, lots of people are willing to spend more money to get rid of fat and get the ideal and interesting body shape. This century, this  becomes natural because in this era life activities are consuming more time, so most people do not have spare time to just exercise. Why then adults pay more attention to their bodies? This is related to the existence of self-concept that has developed perfectly on the human cognitive function that is closely related to physical appearance in accordance with ideally of a society or culture in the  certain area. Before we get into the way to do a healthy and fast diet without torturing yourself, it is a must for us to know more about diet first.


Diet is a word that is created from the Yunani language called “diaeta” which means the pattern of life or rules of life. But for most people in Indonesia, diet is defined as a method for how to lose excess weight. Diet itself means setting lifestyle, maintaining the eating pattern and attention to the types of foods that enter the body. Then to avoid this kind of misunderstanding, in general the definition of diet is divided into three things, which are :

  1. Lose weight (for body mass) is usually applied by people that suffering from obesity.

  2. Increase the weight (for muscle mass) is usually applied by people with the profession as bodybuilders or athletes.

  3. Avoiding certain types of foods commonly applied by people who suffer from certain disorders or diseases.

Nowadays, people are having various reasons why they want to do some diet, so here’s the factor that affected people motivation in diet :

  1. The desire to have an attractive appearance.

  2. Frustration because it is difficult to find the right size of clothes

  3. Have a good self-awareness of the importance of health

  4. Job demands

  5. The desire to increase the confidence that related to body image

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The Right and Easiest Diet Types to Do

  1. Mayo Diet, that created by a healthy clinic named Mayo Clinic in the USA.  In this kind of diet there is no type of food that is prohibited for consumption, but for those who apply this diet should not consume salt because it is believed to bind fluids and grease inside the body. This diet performs effectively that can lose weight as much as 4-6 kg in 2 weeks.

  2. Paleo Diet, may sound not very familiar to the ears because this diet is rarely applied by people in Asia. This is a traditional diet type that only consumes green vegetables and fresh seafood that flavored mostly with olive oil,  as well as how to cook food just boiled or steamed.

  3. Alkaline Diet, a type of diet that consumes only high-alkaline food like fruits, yams and nuts. Alkaline substances are believed to balance the body’s pH so that various kinds of health problems such as digestive diseases and obesity can be overcome.

  4. Food Combining Diet, where this diet forbids you to consume foods containing carbohydrates and proteins at the same time with the assumption that both substances are difficult to digest when entering the body at one same time. But in this type of diet there is no limitation on the amount of the food that enters the body.

  5. Clean Eating Diet,  that requires you to consume  only organic foods such as vegetables that are free from pesticides and forbid you to consume junk food.

So that’s some kind of diet you can apply and can answer your curiosity about  how to lose weight fast.

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