Calories and Losing Your Weight Fast

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Calories and Losing Your Weight Fast

In losing weight effort, calorie is all matters. Calories itself isn’t actually a substance. This is unit that we use to measure how much energy you can get from your food. For example, if you eat a meal contain of 200 calories that means you get 200 calories of energy that you can spend for your activity and your body system. The problem here is when you eat food that has too much calories. The calories amount in that food doesn’t equal with the calories amount that your body need. In the end, the excess foods that contain excess calories will be stored in your body as fats. This is where you grow fat. So, to prevent it happen, you need to know how many calories and losing your wight fast.

The simplest way is using calorie counter. You can find many of these on the internet. You just need to enter all kind of information that it asked and you will get the information that you need, like how much calories you should take every day. The good thing is you also can get other useful information. Some of the online calorie counter will also give you the food that you can take to get the proper calorie that shown on the counter result.  However, if you want to get the simplest way to find how much calorie you should take, you can use the standard limit. For men, generally, you will need 2,500 calories. However, in order to lose 1 lb a week, you need to cut it down into 2,000 calories a day. On the other hand, woman will need around 2,000 calories for their activity a day. And, to lose 1 lb a week, they just need to cut it down into 1,500 calories a day.

That was the answer of how many calories should i eat to lose weight question. Now, you just need to find a way to cut the calorie intake. Here are some of methods you can use.

  1. Eat more protein. It will give your body more energy to burn fats as well as you will feel full for longer time. More than that, protein can boost your metabolism, which means it can accelerate your fats burning process.

  2. Avoid sugary drink. Sugar in those drinks can disturb your metabolism process. That will hold the fats burning process and even let your body store more fats, which make you fat.

  3. Drink more water. There is research that found, if you drink half liter or 17 ounces of water, around half hours before your meal, you can lose around 44% of your excess weight in 12 weeks or 3 months.

Actually, those were few simplest methods that you can use to lose your weight faster. And, for protein part, make sure you count it carefully, because adding protein, like meat or fish, can increasing or decreasing the amount of calories in your meal. So, make sure you keep it in the limit of the calories that was recommended by the calorie counter or nutritionist, if you visit one.

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