7 Kinds of Sports That Can Lose Weight Fast

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For you who are currently having problems with weight, maybe right now you are also confused how to lose weight. There are actually lots of ways to lose weight fast. One of the most sure ways is to exercise. Exercise is one of the right solutions to lose weight, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are lazy to do sports because it can make you tired, That’s if you are tired in exercising the fat will be used to become energy reserves. That is actually the function of the fat itself, but if not used, the fat will turn into your own suicide by bringing all kinds of diseases such as diabetes, then obesity as well as heart attack. Exercising every day is healthy for the body, here I will give some information about the good time and how long the most ideal exercise to do. The first is about his own time if you want to exercise that right in the morning and also in the afternoon. You can run around the house in the morning and for the afternoon can Jogging on the highway. Then for long alone do not be too long, exercise in a long time is also not good for our body health. Try to exercise the longest it’s 1 hour for every day. So in a week you’ve been exercising for 7 hours. But also keep in mind, if finished exercise do not drink ice water. Because by drinking ice water the fat will re-clot. Get used to drink warm water or half more heat.


Here I will give you some of the best types of exercise to lose weight, from the most effective to the alternative.

# Swim

This sport may be much preferred by men and women because it is easier and also more fun, swimming is one of the best solutions for you who intend to lose weight. Do not take for granted if you are swimming in the water, swimming for 1 hour is just exercising for up to 3 hours more. This is because we will not feel tired if there is in the water, but after you come out of the water all the body of course will be tired, In addition it is also very good swim for your growth period is still in puberty. Please try to swim and feel the benefits. Perform at least 4 times a week to get the best results.

# Push Up

The second is the push ups, the sport is easy to do anywhere at home, at work and wherever you are. This sport also does not require a guide and tools to do so. For good push ups you can do up to 50 times to get the best results. More than that is much better, for beginners it’s better to start a little bit, ranging from 10 times to 50 times in a few minutes. Sports Push Up itself to form a muscle in the arm and also on the neck, so the fat in the arm will turn into muscle.

# Sit Up

This sport is already much in the know by people, especially small children already know what is sit ups. Sports up and down with hands behind the head does provide a good effect for our body health, especially if you want to lose weight. This sport aims to form the muscles in the abdomen, then the thighs and also the legs. So if you want to shrink the stomach, thighs and legs, then sit ups be the best choice for you to do. Then sit up is also able to increase your height which is still in its infancy. Drinking milk added with sit ups every day can increase your height,

# Walk quickly

Walking quickly this can also be called with exercise, because the goal to burn all the fat in the body. Walking fast that means here is to walk up and down stairs or can walk about 10 km is enough, if too tired to break first, For this sport not necessarily have to walk away, you can try it for a few Kilo Meter first, for example to First can try from 2 km – 5 km. Then rise again from 5 km – 10 km. That way you can easily lose weight.

# Sports by running

Then the next one if you want to get maximum results, maybe you can run. Running is one of the best types of exercise to lose weight. By running you can burn the number of calories in the body, at least to do this sport at least less than 1-2 hours is enough. By running all the above sports are all represented. In order for the foot does not hurt, suggestions when you want to do this sport use light shoes with a soft base, so the foot does not scratch due to friction with shoes.

# Jump

Then to lose weight to make it more ideal you can also try it by jumping, jumping by using the rope is much more effective if there is no time to exercise outdoors. This exercise can be done inside the house with the help of straps, usually the boxing athletes always do this to get the balance on their bodies. This sport is also very good for strengthening the muscles in the legs, thighs and also on our neck. For best results do every day with an interval of about 1 hour.

# Aerobic gymnastic

The last is by doing aerobic gymnastics, this gymnastics is much in the interest by women because it can make their body more beautiful, aerobic gymnastics itself is usually done indoors with the help of gymnastics tools such as mattresses, then large balls, hanging cloth and still Many others. You who want to lose weight with aerobic gymnastics must be completely obedient and pay attention to gym instructors so that no injuries occur.

Those are some of the most commonly used exercises to lose weight, choose the one you think is easier in terms of physical strength and time to do it. Hopefully this article useful. Thanks.

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